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"The heart for it has gone out of me: it won't come back": Acting legend Peter O'Toole takes a final bow, exits left

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One hell of a hellraiser: As Peter O'Toole announced he's quitting acting on the eve of his 80th birthday GLENYS ROBERTS pays fond tribute

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Peter O'Toole, c.1960s

Peter O'Toole 'Lawrence of Arabia', 'Becket', 'Lord Jim', 'How to Steal a Million', 'The Lion in Winter', 'The Ruling Class', 'My Favorite Year', 'Venus' & 'Dean Spanley'

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12 Pictures Of Peter O'Toole, Just Being Peter O'Toole

Actor, Peter O'Toole turned down a knighthood, in 1987, for personal reasons. [I suspect that this was due to a strong allegiance to his Irish roots! His place of birth is still controversial:: Two birth certificates exist: one in Connemara County, Ireland, and the other in Leeds, U.K.]

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'How to Steal a Million', 1966 - Audrey and Peter O'Toole liked each other very much. Both had Irish parents.

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Peter O'Toole, star of Lawrence of Arabia, dies aged 81

"When did I realize I was God? Well, I was praying and I suddenly realized I was talking to myself." - Peter O'Toole

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