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Peter: Dauntless (he was Dauntless cruel) Tobias: Abnegation (he was selfless but should have stayed) Caleb: Erudite (he belonged there)


Four & Tris - Divergent • 4 & 6 • In Your Eyes - Banks - "In Your Eyes" (Peter Gabriel cover)

Tris and Caleb in Abnegation Divergent Is better then Dauntless Cake ❤ liked on Polyvore featuring divergent and pictures

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Divergent Preferences and Imagines

#wattpad #fanfiction These are a collection of divergent preferences and imagines. The characters that I will be doing are... -Four -Eric -Peter -Caleb Feel free to send in requests of other characters. Leave your name and the situation. Thanks

Four Trish Caleb Christina & Peter

~Allegiant~ ~Tris~ ~Tobias~ ~Peter~ ~Caleb~ ~Christina~

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Refulgent - Chapter 7

BOOK 4 OF THE DIVERGENT TRILOGY What if Tris woke up miraculously thanks to a serum Matthew, Caleb and Cara worked on...

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Resurgent :Book 4- After Allegiant - Chapter 20

Wanted to hear a book 4?Tris comes back from the dead thanks to Caleb making a revival serum. See what happends as she...