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What Happens to Bear Cubs in the Circus Will Make You Cry

What Happens to Bear Cubs in the Circus Will Make You Cry PETA Asia found heartbreaking abuse, disgusting living conditions, and bears, monkeys, lions, and tigers suffering on a massive scale in the Chinese circus industry.

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The week in wildlife – in pictures

When will we stop this? The white rhino. Killed by poachers for its horn and fuelled by demand from Vietnam, rhino poaching in South Africa shows no signs of abating, with a record 341 killed there this year to date


Help PETA Asia Stop the Companion-Animal Overpopulation Crisis in the Philippines! | Donate Now | - 1

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Morocco in grip of DOG MEAT scandal after police find carcasses of pets destined for restaurants

Horrific images show caged dogs at restaurants in China where they are about to be killed and eaten The shocking photos show dogs being killed and cooked in Yulin City, Guangxi Province.


Peta Petition: Rabbits are usually killed for their fur when they're just 6 months old. Some – like this one – are kept for breeding, but their babies will be killed.

I'm combating animal homelessness by donating to PETA Asia's work to stop it. Will you join me and help provide an animal in need with spay or neuter services?


Please stop buying Fur and Angora!!!! Angora farms in China!!! Kooples shame!!!! Because of the head tilt, they were unable to orient themselves to eat or drink and slowly died of starvation or dehydration.