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Understanding rabbit behaviour - Use this guide to help you recognise important body language signals. RSPCA

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How to Entertain and Play With a Pet Rabbit

How to Entertain and Play With a Pet Rabbit/ lots of good, solid information and more links.

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This is what a Rabbit Food Pyramid should look like! Feed them right for a long healthy life!

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Rabbit Proofing Your Home; Don't Worry It's Easy!

It's a fact. Rabbits chew. But don't worry, rabbit proofing your home can be easy when you know what you're doing ♥

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Rabbit breeds recognized by the American Rabbit Breeds Assoication- except the newest breed as of November 2013 (the loinhead)

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Great example of a rabbit run. I love the mounded earth, much more interesting for bunnies.

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80% of an adult rabbit's diet should be hay. Good quality hay is the most part of a rabbits diet and you're rabbits should Always have access to it. it helps keep their gut moving thus avoiding dangerous gut stasis which left untreated is nearly always also keeps their teeth nice and short and in good condition.

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Your Pets Will Go Nuts Over These 20 Simple Gifts You Can Make For Them At Home

Next time I have Guinea Pigs or Rabbits I am gonna have to do this for them. Sisal string, clothespins, and vegetables make for a very happy Bunny! This DIY rabbit toy idea should keep those buns entertained. Only use supervised, though.

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#Rabbit Facts Visit to view adoptable rabbits at the SPCA of Texas!

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