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Pet Insurance - For an insurance policy that covers costs related to unexpected accidents and illnesses, you should go for insurance that has emergency and illness coverage

Pet insurance is a growing industry, and many people speculated about its importance when it first hit the market. A lot of folks thought it was a joke; just another way for insurance companies to scam you out of a few hundred dollars more every year. That’s not the case! This pet insurance comparison list will help figure out what is the best pet insurance for dogs and could end up saving you a ton of money in the future. #petinsurance

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Why You Pay Dog Adoption Fees

Adopting a dog? Find out why groups charge dog adoption fees. Learn how much you should you pay to adopt a dog.

After getting screwed over by my pet insurance and cancelling my policy, I found this article on pet insurance companies. How they compare, deductibles, what's covered, etc. It seems nearly impossible to get coverage for hereditary/per-existing conditions or for dogs over 10 years of age. Purchasing pet insurance for older dogs. Companies offering pet insurance for older dogs along with consumer ratings.