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The Peru flag is red and white which symbolizes peace and honestly(red) and bravery and strength (white). The flag was adopted on February 25, 1825


Stinging flag moth caterpillars, Manú National Park, Peru.

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Peru Packing List: Checklist for Travel to Cusco & Lima, Peru

Basic info about peru including the voltage, flag, location and currency. #travel


peru flag coloring page: the sides are red, blue behind the lama and red behind the cornicopia


"Please look after this bear" I've forgotten all about Paddington Bear


Imagehub: Peru Flag HD Free Download

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15 Wanderful Ways to Track Your Travels >> Local Adventurer

Travel Patches (15 Wonderful Ways to Keep Track of Your Travels). Patches This is a great way to grab a keepsake and showcase it on your favorite travel backpack or bag. Sometimes if we don’t have time to souvenir shop or don’t find a patch we like in the country, we cheat and get these flag patches. We’ve been collecting them for a few years, but we still haven’t decided which bag to attach them to. It’s so hard to commit!