If you’re finding it hard to figure out the best way to get your money working for you, don’t worry. We’ve put together a list of the 40 best pieces of money advice we’ve ever received or heard. Once you’ve read through our list, you’ll know exactly what to do to make sure your finances are always in peak condition!

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The stock market can be really scary, but this post on investing in stocks for beginners (like me!) is very simple to understand. I feel more confident already!

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Making your way to your 30s without a clue as to where your career is heading? Check out these article to spruce up your personal brand and optimize yourself. After all - only you can control where your life goes from here.

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These tips might help you to pay your debt or to save money for that 20% deposit you need for your future house. Full article: http://passiveincomewise.com/september-is-back-the-saving-challenge-25-ways-to-save-money/

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I'm really going to lay everything on the line here - the good, the bad and the ugly of our personal finances - to the penny! Every penny we make, every penny that we pay out, what we have left and what we are really paying on bills.

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One year ago I didn’t have any idea about what is Passive Income. The day of my 27th birthday I decided to create a website

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Saving is hard and sometimes can become a headache. Time ago I was struggling with how to save money.

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Personal finances. You can start saving money (even with student loan payments)! personal finance resources, personal finance tips #PF student debt payoff, student loans

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