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5 Simple Steps to Take Control of Your finances

Here are 5 Simple Steps to help you take charge of your money today.


All of my best personal finance articles available to you on one page! Just…


25 Personal Finance Articles - Oct 2011 (PLR)

from Sweet Paper Trail

Our Finance Binder

I’m no newbie to using binders to organize the paper clutter at home. Last year I shared with you how I used a Family Organization Binder to keep all my household papers in order. This year as we moved from one home to another, I realized that my finances were not as organized as I …

from Career Contessa

8 Investments You Should Make in Yourself Before You're 30

Making your way to your 30s without a clue as to where your career is heading? Check out these article to spruce up your personal brand and optimize yourself. After all - only you can control where your life goes from here.

from From Pennies to Pounds

2 Things To Always Think Before Buying

Are you paying off your debt? Or are really bad at curbing your impulse spending/ If you think these 2 things before spending, you will save money, and manage your money much better. Challenge yourself! Check out the blog post.


The 7 Personal Finance Articles We Love This Week


21 Female Money Experts Who Really Get Women’s Finances

Do you lie awake at night worrying about money? Do you want to put together a financial plan but don’t know where to start? Or do you have a plan but struggle to follow it? We’ve put together a list of some of the leading women money experts to help achieve your financial goals.


The 7 Personal Finance Articles We Loved This Week

25 Personal Finance Articles - May 2011 (PLR)