Your creative business might need a new brand statement, especially if you answer "So, what do you do?" in 5 words or less. SO, here's: How to Create a Brand Statement in Only 10 Minutes (with a formula!)

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Getting to know yourself (self awareness). Building the you, you want to be. Building your own personal brand. Taking the concept from the work place, what is your vision, your mission & your core values? Who are you? Exceptionally helpful if you are applying for a job, or making key life changes.

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Before you write blog posts for the masses, before you apply for those positions, before you even set up your LinkedIn profile there is one thing you should do – craft your very own personal brand statement. Your bio, elevator pitch and any other descriptive text about you will invariably start out with your personal brand statement. What is a personal brand statement? Your statement is 1-2 sentences answering what you are the best at (value), who you serve…

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