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Explanation of Coma and Persistent Vegetative State

Chart showing causes of coma. This is very important to all of you fiction writers out there.


Boy, 2, is the first to have cerebral palsy 'successfully treated' using stem cells, taking him from a vegetative state to walking and talking

Before his treatment, the patient had been in a persistent vegetative state for nine weeks due to having a heart attack

One third of patients in 'vegetative' states show signs of consciousness

Explanation of Coma and Persistent Vegetative State

Information regarding coma and vegetative state when a person has the ability to be awake yet is completely unaware of their surroundings.

The Brain Injury Group.B.I.G. is a support group for people who have loved ones with devastating brain injuries. They may be severely disabled, in a persistent vegetative state, minimally aware/conscious or locked in.