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Wake me up when they've found a cure! This picture says it all. This is how I spend 80% of my life. Just add a few ice packs.


The Brain and Pain: Is Chronic Pain Changeable?

The Brain and Pain: Is Chronic Pain Changeable? #ChronicFridayLinkup


Top 3 Tips to make your Yoga Journey a Success - A small piece of great information for the people who wanted to continue and persist yoga.

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How to Make Lavender Lemonade to Get Rid of Headaches and Anxiety

Got a headache that just won’t go away? Many people find that traditional over-the-counter pain relief medication is ineffective in dealing with persistent headaches, which can be caused by stress, tension, dehydration, or any number of external or internal factors. |

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How a teen diagnosed her own rare illness

Using Google to diagnose yourself

A sinus infection is an inflammation of the lining of the sinuses that in many cases leads to persistent headaches, fevers and even facial pains. Fortunately, there are many natural remedies that are effective at cleaning the sinuses and killing the bacteria and viruses responsible for these health problems such...More