Grandma's Vintage Recipes: Persimmon Cookies. I remember when someone from my church would make this. I just might try someday.

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In years past, Christmas would never be complete without a batch of Grandma Lockett’s persimmon cookies. Grandma Lockett was my husband’s grandmother and without fail, every Christmas we would get a tin of her persimmon cookies. For me, they became the flavor of Christmas, and after she passed away, I continued to make them every year in early December, not only because I loved them so much, but for another very special reason that I’ll get to later. Several years ago, The Husband st...

Last weekend, all my Hachiya persimmons in the garage decided to ripen at the same time, and when I had pureed all the pulp, the first thing I did was make a batch of these persimmon cookies, a rec…

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