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We don't ride camels! Meet the Rich Kids of Tehran

Striking: Women are required by law to keep their head covered in the deeply religious country that was transformed by the Iranian Revolution of 1979.The people featured are mostly in their teens and early 20s are children of Iran's upper classes, which has grown massively in recent years as the country develops

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Pateh (Persian: پته‎‎, IPA: pæte; also Romanized as pateh) is an Iranian traditional needlework folk art. It originated in and is largely associated with Kerman province, where it is produced by women. A wide piece of wool fabric (ariz) is needleworked with colored thread. Pateh needlework is done in silk and with flourish paisley pattern; popular designs include the cypress tree and the sun, both traditional pre-Islamic Persian symbols

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Tehran street style ,persian girl in tehran with hijab , iran #Iranian social media

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Fairy Floss Cake

This lemon and raspberry Fairy Floss Cake by The Meringue Girls is decorated with Pashmak Persian fairy floss, made from sesame and sugar. You can use it to decorate trifles, Eton mess and your favourite cakes.

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Romance & Roses at Gemma & Rob's Exquisite Surrey Wedding by JK Photography

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Oven-roasted Chicken with Sumac, Pomegranate Molasses, Chilli and Sesame Seeds

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