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Building a Periodic Table ... and more

Students assemble, color, and complete a giant (42.5 x 21.5 inches) 3-D Periodic Table with fold out flaps for each element.


Perodic Table project. Elements are made from a 1/2 page of paper. This is a project I did this last year with my 6th and 7th grade science students. It took us about a week, but by the end i think they really understood how the periodic table was organized.

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Only a chemistry student would organize Lord of the Rings like this

Featuring characters from The Lord of the Rings and The Hobbit, I'd say The Periodic Table of Middle Earth would rank very close to the top of a list of Geekiest Items a Human Being Could Own. (I specified human being because if a dwarf, troll, or half-e


One & Co: the inner strength behind HTC - Pocket-lint. coffee table, titled the Periodic Table, that has been designed by the agency and custom made just for them. Made of four large pieces of Douglas fir, which are coated in silver and given a patina within the grain of the wood.


Period Table of Balloons demonstrates the periodic trends of atomic and ionic radius. (Blue: Atoms; Green: Cations; White: Anions). Lines made with blue painters' tape. (Nov 2011)


Cracks in the Periodic Table [Preview] The discovery of element 117 filled the last remaining gap in the periodic table as we know it. But even as it is being completed, the table may be losing its power By Eric Scerri