Perk-A-Cola Bottles Black Ops Zombies Call of Duty Double Tap Root Beer, Quick Revive, Juggernog, and Speed Cola Replicas

Hello. I sell the real bottles of soda from assets of the mode of call of duty zombie. These are of beautiful glass bottles representing respectively each available in game assets. all assets are available, including those who are not present in the photo. Its a great gift idea for a fan of the zombie fashion gamer. THE price corresponds to a single bottle. FOR the purchase of 2 bottles the 3rd is free. You can ask me that prefer you or choose one sends random bottle if you do not…

You need a little reviiiiiiiiiiiive! For just 2500 points ($12 +shipping costs), you could be the owner of a Perk-A-Cola bottle replica to aid you

DIY: Call of Duty Nazi Zombies Perk a Cola (New Deadshot) ~ Instructables User pyro1234567890

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