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Periodic Table Picture

Print-your-own elements cards. There's a card for every element, with a picture on the front and words on the back. C3W16-18


Periodic Table of Elements

Periodic table with a fun twist! Student's always ask what is so-and-so element used in? This poster shows the answer to that question, making chemistry relevant. #chemistry #periodictable #scienceisfun

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How to Make a 3D Model of a Carbon Atom

Most students learn about atoms and characteristics of the elements on the periodic table in middle and high school science classes. Consider choosing a simple atom, such as carbon, to represent through a hanging mobile 3D model. Although simple in structure, carbon and compounds containing carbon form the basis of all life. Making a 3D model of a...


Our Worldwide Classroom: free printable, three-part cards for the periodic table of elements


Periodic Table Elements Explained..Helpful periodic table for kids!


The Periodic Table of Epic Reads | This is so cool! Click through for a larger version, plus lists by category.

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The periodic table in pictures for kids free printable

I just found this really awesome color periodic table of elements for kids printable from and had to share it. You can print it for free. I printed it out on cardstock and placed...

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Periodic Table of the Elements

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