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Find the Area of a Triangle

Worksheets: Find the Area of a Triangle


Differentiating with Area and Perimeter - use your tile floor in the classroom or hallway to help students practice identifying the area and perimeter of irregular polygons! They loved it in my classroom and were completely engrossed the whole time.


My use of a great technique making half square triangle unites from strip pieced squares. Strip piece two squares, turn one square so that it has strips horizontally, the other should be vertical. Put right sides together. Stitch all around the perimeter at 1/4" for seam allowance, then cut on the diagonals from corner to corner both ways. You will have 4 units. Press open and turn so the smallest section is in the middle and stitch as a four block. Voila!

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Minecraft Area & Perimeter

Minecraft Fans!Students create their own math Minecraft book! Students use Cheez-it crackers to measure 1 square unit and calculate the area and perimeter of Minecraft figures. There are 2 tasks in this book. Task 1 asks to find the area and perimeter of various figures.


Perimeter Problems and Area Art!

Perimeter Problems and Area Art! Check out my post about what we did to show our understanding of perimeter and area!


Waden Hill Crop Circle. This crop circle was created in 2005. The field where this crop circle is located overlooks the stone circle of Avebury, and has hosted many enigmatic and controversial formations in years past. This is certainly one to add to that memorable list. The design itself consists of a 'Penrose Triangle' with sides measuring some 126ft in length, surrounded by a circle of laid crop and then an intricate and complex pattern of laid and standing crop around the perimeter.