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MDF with recycled cardboard tubes cut edge and a movable shelving system giving the possibility of multiple configurations. Dr York – DCPP Architects

from Miss Moss


.Hmm... cut a circle out of felt or a fabric that won't unravel, like fleece. Use a heavy needle and string or perle coton run thread around the perimeter. Voila - a drawstring pouch!


The Hand Game is a fun circle game. It's perfect as a time filler or rainy day game. Find the written description of this activity and more like it, as well as more than 1,000 camp related games, skits, songs, and other activities at Filmed at YMCA Camp Mataucha in Watertown, CT by real life camp staff.


Waden Hill Crop Circle. This crop circle was created in 2005. The field where this crop circle is located overlooks the stone circle of Avebury, and has hosted many enigmatic and controversial formations in years past. This is certainly one to add to that memorable list. The design itself consists of a 'Penrose Triangle' with sides measuring some 126ft in length, surrounded by a circle of laid crop and then an intricate and complex pattern of laid and standing crop around the perimeter.


“Day and Night” Cai Burton’s Art Finished my first ever tattoo commission yesterday! A sun and a moon. I really enjoyed creating something a little smaller for a change!

from Teachers Pay Teachers

Playing "A Round" with Pi: Cards for Circumference, Perimeter, Area

This bundle includes four printable 36-card sets involving area and circumference (or perimeter) of circles and composite shapes (CCSS 7.G.4). Just print 5 sheets per group on plain paper, and have students cut cards, match them, & play games.