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perennial geraniums - cranesbill - wild geraniums... These are ground cover plants. They grow all over the sand dunes along parts of the Northumberland coast in England UK & are a wonderful sight. They're at home in a windy garden & flower profusely over a long period. You can buy the natural colour pictured, or shades of pink.

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Geranium Rozanne & Salvia nemorosa Cardonna - great combination which will flower through out the summer.

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Easy Groundcovers

Bloody Cranesbill Bloody cranesbill is named for the bright red color the foliage takes on in fall. Many varieties are available in flower colors of blue and purple. The plant spreads slowly but will eventually form broad swaths in full or part sun or shade. It's not only beautiful, but easy and carefree, too. Name: Geranium sanguineum Growing Conditions: Part to full shade and well-drained soil Size: 1 foot tall Zones: 4-8 Learn more about…

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Reblooming Beauties for the Garden

Rozanne perennial geranium!! Such a superstar plant, lasts for months and will also cut and come again.. Slightly scrambling habit but this works well with the other plants

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Top Plants that Thrive in Clay

If you live in an area with clay soil that can be difficult to garden with, try Perennial Geranium! More plants that thrive in clay:

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Geranium Rozanne

Geranium Rozanne, Geranium sanguineum - Spring Perennials from American Meadows--LOVE this plant it isn't as dense and clumpy as some geraniums--sort of weaves through other plants. It's lovely!

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Shade Loving Plants That Bloom All Summer

Geranium - This is not your typical annual geranium that fills window boxes everywhere… in truth, those are Pelargoniums. True geraniums are a perennial that does well in partial shade, and blooms pink or blue all summer. In addition, many varieties’ foliage turns bronze or red in the fall. We love Geranium “Rozanne”. Its blooms are big and blue, and the plant grows to 20 inches.

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