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RS Synthesis offers an extensive variety of peptide synthesis services to scientists that empower them to accomplish positive results in their exploration ventures.

RS Synthesis gives top notch, custom peptide synthesis at all scales, from milligrams (mg) to multi-kilograms (kg). RS Synthesis keeps up strict quality control adherence at industry driving costs.

Peptide Synthesis Protocols (Methods in Molecular Biology): Michael W. Pennington, Ben M. Dunn: 9780896032736: Books

Activotec provides innovative custom peptide synthesis services, peptide synthesizers and chemicals for chemical research and development. Our core focus is customer service whether it's during instrument development and after sales support, the delivery of quality custom synthesis services or chemicals, we understand that they are all critical to the success of your science. Our stock of instrument parts, consumables and chemicals offers a first class commitment to customer support.

Remember that amino acids are held together by a peptide bond! This is an image from our protein synthesis video! We go over the steps of transcription and translation and the roles that ribosomes, DNA, and RNA play. We also compare and contrast RNA and DNA and explain the three different types of RNA. Come learn and laugh with the zany Amoeba Sisters!


Ingredient Spotlight: Nicotiana Sylvestris Leaf Cell Culture contains a #natural blend of tri-peptides with a host of anti-aging #benefits. Demonstrated to help #diminish #wrinkles and improve skin #elasticity this extract also helps #protect and re:pair DNA, #stimulate cellular energy and help boost synthesis of new #collagen while protecting against degradation. This powerful ingredient can be found in three of the Re:Beauty™ skincare products: Re:juvenate, Re:hydrate and Re:store.