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Fatalii's Growing Guide - How to take your hot pepper plants and transform into bonsai plants!

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How to Grow Green Bell Peppers

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Jalapeno Pepper Plant: Growing And Caring For Jalapeno Peppers

Jalapeno Plant Care: How To Grow Jalapeno Peppers - Jalapenos are the only pepper that is not allowed to fully ripen and change color before being picked. Growing jalapeno peppers is not difficult if you provide plants with proper conditions. Learn more in this article.

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Alliums- Helps repel slugs, aphids, carrot flies, cabbage worms and other pests. Companion plant for carrots, fruit trees, cabbage, broccoli, tomatoes, potatoes and peppers.

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How To Grow Lots More Peppers From Your Pepper Plants ... sprinkle the plant with Epsom salts (1 teaspoon dissolved in a sprinkle bottle of warm water, about 4 cups). That offers the pepper plant an increase of magnesium that is necessary at blooming period to make fruit. Spray them again 10 days later & in a few weeks & you will own much more peppers than you can consume ......... #DIY #peppers #epsomsalt #outdoor #garden #fertilize #magnesium

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The Dirt for June 7 2012 | For seed giveaways, daily tips and plant info, come join us on facebook!

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How to grow chillies anywhere in Britain

Even in the coldest parts of the UK, it is possible to grow your own chillies and January to February is the perfect time for planting peppers.

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How to grow black pepper, the world’s most popular spice. While only suitable to the hottest parts of North America, it can be a fun, exotic plant to grow.

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