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Over time things change, ideas and plans change, I know it wont be how it was supposed to be, as things are different now.

from To Love, Honor and Vacuum

Why People Get Married: Wisdom from the movie Shall We Dance

Why is it that people get married? "Your life will not go unnoticed. Because I will notice it. Your life will not go unwitnessed. For I will be your witness." I will carry you with me through all the rest of my days. You will be forever loved. You will not be forgotten.


It's called satire my lovely children

I am a married woman FFS, in a committed, fulfilling relationship.I STILL get guys acting like I've betrayed them for somehow "friend zoning" them?! WTF ? Can't two people of the opposite sex not have a conversation without the fella thinking "she fancies me". Being polite/friendly/funny/engaging means I have a personality not a craving for your dick ....dick


BEFORE THEY PASS AWAY. the Banna practise ritual dancing and singing. To prepare for a ceremony, they paint themselves with white chalk mixed with yellow rock, red iron ore and charcoal. The biggest ceremony in a man’s life is called Dimi, to celebrate his daughter for fertility and marriage.


reasons why I love him How come all i see is annoying people at target, yet, she gets to meet God himself?? Lucky little girl.


Most people think that she only got married to get married as if she was bored with her husbands. It's not true. Her husbands were either terribly abusive or died (or both!).


Africa | Banna people are good beekeepers. They have more honey than they can consume themselves, so they sell it at markets or around the roads. It’s their fundamental source of money to buy tools they can't develop on their own. Bori Village, Southern Omo | ©Image and caption Jimmy Nelson