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What do you do when people disappoint you? How do you cope with disappointment? You don't have to hate them, you can just change your own expectations and behavior! Click through to find out how >>


truth..but it is shocking when they dont do what you would do for them...all the invested time suddenly seems like its just vanishes right before your eyes and you feel like a death has realize that that person wasnt a true friend all along..heart breaking.


I.e., don't just want to use me to go on vacation or get what they want and then run down rest of time. Boundaries established.


Disappointed...really?? I just have had 2 people who I thought were my friends, let me down in less than 2 weeks...this is the reason why I have disconnected myself from everyone for so long& the reason i hate people...I'll pick up where I left off...i know better...and i had really stopped having such high expectations for people...thank god for my hubby..he has yet to disappoint...


Trust breeds betrayal. People can smile behind their teeth, and it's a dog eat dog world; some people have bigger teeth than you do. So, don't go trusting people so easily 'cause they appear to be "nice" people.