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Brexit has blown a £200m hole in Primark's pension fund

Brexit blows £200m hole in Primark's pension fund Since Britain voted to leave the EU, the country's pension deficit has swelled and now stands at over £400 billion.

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Adopt Swedish-style shareholder committee on pay, says MP

Adopt Swedish-style shareholder committee on pay says MP - BBC News

© Getty Images - UK pension deficits have worsened since the vote to leave the EU: Defined benefit pension fund deficit grows by £100bn in a month!

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Failed jobs tsar YOU paid £9million

Your TAX money Their Pension fund. Failed jobs tsar YOU paid £9million

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The man who stole your old age: How Gordon Brown secretly imposed a ruinous tax that has wrecked the retirements of millions

Gordon Brown decided pension funds were a ripe target and knowingly destroyed what was once one of the great pension systems in the world.

Gentlemen Start Your Pensions…New #FordMustang The Order Books are now open for the Striking New Mustang in the UK. If you are fortunate enough to not have had your pension fund plundered by unscrupulous pension companies over the last years. Or, like myself, plundered beyond recognition in the divorce courts. There are some solutions. The idea by Steve Webb, Pensions Minister of ‘investing’ in a Lamborghini may still be too rich, but good news! #performanceford #FordEu #Ford #mustang

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Grandfather, 75, poses NAKED to supplement his pension

The pensioner is using his unusual hobby as a way of funding his pension charging between £25 and £45 per session

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Brazil's new government is scrambling to distance itself from a multibillion corruption scandal

Brazil's new government buffeted by pension fund scandal

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Investors facing pensions nightmare: Neil Woodford to blow the whistle

Star fund manager Neil Woodford on dangers of #UKpension final salary schemes with large deficits #tax #UK #retire