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The Pennsylvania Senate

Ireland, Connemara Marble is 900 million years old. The mining of Connemara Marble is one of Ireland’s oldest indigenous industries. The Joyce family opened the Streamstown marble quarry in Clifden in 1822. Marble from here adorns from the Galway Cathedral floor to the walls of the Senate Chamber of the State Capital Building in Harrisburg, Pennsylvania, U.S.A.

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Pat Toomey | U.S. Senator for Pennsylvania

The Pennsylvania Senate (50 members elected to 4-yr terms)

U.S. Senator Bob Casey of Pennsylvania

Shame on the GOP & SENATOR PAT TOOMEY! By the way, Senator Toomey, who exactly in Pennsylvania do you claim to represent? From your votes against Unemployment to your votes against raising the minimum wage, you are definitely not a Senator of the people, are you!? ~ 5/1/2014

Sam Houston - the only man in American History to be elected governor of two states, Tennessee and Texas; he was a citizen of four nations (United States, Cherokee, Mexico, Texas). He was General of the Texas revolutionary army; President of the Republic of Texas; and US Senator for Texas. A man of convictions, with his cane, he publicly beat the US Representative of Ohio on Pennsylvania Avenue for publicly maligning his reputation.

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Refusal to govern for the common good, based on ideology and political ambition alone, should disqualify one from holding office!

Senate staffer for US Senator Pat Toomey (R-PA) thinks 'menstruation' is too 'graphic' to talk about but OK to vote on

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