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Peninsular Malaysia

from the Guardian

Mystery bird: barred eagle-owl, Bubo sumatranus

Barred eagle-owl - also known as the Malay Eagle-Owl, Malaysian Eagle-Owl, or as the Oriental Eagle-Owl (photographed in Peninsular Malaysia in Southeast Asia).


The Black people who are labeled “The Negritos,” are believed to be the earliest inhabitants of Southeast Asia, remnants of the earliest populations from the Out of Africa migration. Description from I searched for this on

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Another big predator in Southeast Asia faces extinction

A melanistic leopard caught on camera trap in peninsular Malaysia where such…


See I'm looking for somewhere that my journey could begin. We're on a trip around the world, let's make it wonderful -Last time, Labrinth

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Kuala Lumpur International Airport (KUL)

Kuala Lumpur is a capital of Malaysia, as well as the most populous city in Malaysia. Kuala Lumpur (KL) is located on the eastern coast of Peninsular Malaysia. It was founded in 1857 by Chinese tin miners. So, it is relatively new city. Kuala Lumpur is one of our favorite cities in the world. And we have been to KL several times, once we stayed there for a whole month! Check out our article!

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A Monday To Remember: Giant Lizards At Tropical Tioman

Pulau Tioman is a tiny tropical island about 32 km off the Southeastern coast of Peninsular Malaysia, with a beautiful clear ocean, amazing coral and creepy giant lizards!


Batek: The Batek (or Bateq) are an indigenous people (currently numbering about 1,516) who live in the rainforest of peninsular Malaysia. As a result of encroachment, they now primarily inhabit the Taman Negara National Park. They are nomadic hunters and gatherers, so the exact location of their settlements change within the general confines of the area that they inhabit.