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Pekingese Puppy Portrait

I pick up my new Pek in 5 weeks! I lost my black Pek Sugar a lil over a yr ago. She was my best friend! Luv this breed. Theyre loyal, brave, and lil fire balls! *lol


⏪ Pekingese ⏩ ancient breed of toy dog, originating in China. Received its name from the ancient city of Peking, now called Beijing. For centuries, these dogs could be owned only by members of the Chinese Imperial Palace.

My grandmother used to have a Pekingese named Bino. He ate apples with my grandmother every night while they were watching TV. He also liked to hump a toy dog :p

from Mail Online

Meet Wonton Soup, the puppy dubbed the 'Fabio of the dog world'

Fabulous: But what has earned Wonton Soup his legion of followers is the selection of slow-mo videos that appear on his account, where he is seen running along and proudly showing off his luscious locks


Our second dog was a pekingese. She had been given the name of 'Buzz Buzz' before she came to us and was quite a character. Cute as a button