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When your child needs emergency pediatric urgent care, Sun City Emergency Room is where you want to go. Our medical staff is experienced and has the professional capabilities to make your child feel better quickly! #PediatricUrgentCare #ElPaso #Kids | 915.206.5254

Tweet Tweet Dealing with back pain is not fun. Unfortunately, many of us have to deal with back issues in our lifetime. You don’t always need to have a surgery to fix your back. This infographic by BackPainRelief shows you how to use yoga to alleviate your pain:


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#Knitters Wanted! A new scheme to help patients with dementia has put out an urgent call for knitters form Norfolk and Norwich University Hospital


Tips for helping kids prevent sport injuries this school year

Kinder Pediatric Urgent Care | Woodbridge-Iselin-NJ | Pediatric Urgent Care Center | (732) 371-4400

While the chickenpox vaccine has cut down the cases of this itchy illness, it is still a common condition. In most cases, itchiness is the worst thing people experience. However, like any medical illness, complications are still possible. If you fit any of the symptoms or risk factors below, make sure you seek immediate medical attention at Sun City Emergency Room! | #ChickenPox Sun City East: 915.206.5254 | Sun City West: 915.600.6894

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