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Weights training for the chest muscles. Here is a variety of exercises that can be performed to improve your strength!


Push-Ups Champion Lite Android App - , Does 100 pushups seem to be difficult ?The Pushup is a basic muscular exercise movement found in all body building programmes which can be done at home. It strengthens and develops not only the pectoral muscles but also the deltoids (shoulder muscles) and triceps.This programme is adapted to all levels and will help you reach up to 100 pushups if your physical condition allows it, or just to improve and strenthen your body rapidly.The…

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Build bigger pecs in 15 minutes

15-minute pectoral workout


Pectoral Chest Muscle Workouts Android App - , Get ripped chest muscles using this program. Body builders follow these same routines when they workout their pecs. This progression training program will help you not only strengthen your pectorals, but give you a toned, ripped, and jacked chest! These workouts were made for motivated people and should not be taken lightly! Build up your chest within a months time!App Features:- Instructional coaching using video and voiceover…


Plate Loaded Lat Pulldown/Low Row Combo

A combination #machine like this one provides great upper #body #workout and strength building. Do lat pulldowns and low row combo with this machine. Build your back, pectorals, deltoids, and biceps through use of this machine.

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Antelope Club is a Slendertone for full-body workouts

German startup Antelope Club is looking to make fitness training more effective with its new electrical muscle stimulation suit. It's essentially a giant Slende...


When we say chest, we actually mean the pectoralis major and minor. The function of the pec major is to pull the arm laterally across the body. Here is how I would build a chest workout.