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Kids Get Arty - Exploring David Hockney & Photo Montage


Probably Hockney's most famous joiner image an innovative way of illustrating with standard 6x4 photographs. This used a massive collection of images to assemble. David even went into the dessert with the images to assemble them. Look at all the different elements like the signs, the perspective has been interfered with by photographing things from straight on. "That stop sign wouldn't be that big would it?"


David Hockney: modern master of colour

David Hockney book: Pearblossom Highway 11-18th April 1986 (Second Version)

Hockney: Pear Blossom Highway. When you see this up close, it is even more mind boggling.


"Photographs: Pearblossom Hwy by David Hockney Where do artists get their ideas? What is perspective? How can photography be like drawing or painting? David Hockney touches on these and other issues while discussing the making of his photographic collage Pearblossom Hwy in this video. "