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pear preserves! Seems like yesterday- going to Grandaddy Jim's pantry to get a jar of the best preserves ever- guess he added love,too!


Pear Preserves (Old Fashioned)

My mother-in-law's step mother (her biological mother died when she was a baby)was an excellent cook and taught her how to cook good food at an early age. After she became my wonderful mother-in-law and friend she passed many things on to me. Letting the chopped pears for Pear Preserves set over night in sugar was an important step. She covered her dishpan with a clean piece of an old sheet. They saved and shared everything. Hard times but peaceful times when "Love Thy Neighbor" was a necessa...


My absolute FAVORITE recipe for canning pear preserves! Also includes a recipe for pear glaze using the leftover cores and peels.

Grandma's Pear Preserves What to do with all this fruit!


How To Make Old Timey Pear Preserves


Spiced pear chutney, a great option to make in winter with pears in season.


– Recipe for Pear Preserves This is the way my mom made pear preserves and they were delicious.

from Baked in AZ

Vanilla Spiced Pear Butter

Vanilla Spiced Pear Butter - How to Can Pear Butter. This recipe is easy and has so much flavor & spice. Goes great on almost anything!


Grandma's Pear Preserves Recipe. More

from All She Cooks

Pear Preserves

Learn how to make Pear Preserves so you can enjoy them all year long with a fresh pear flavor that is captured right in season. Pear Preserves are easy to make.