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from The Mini Millionaire

Why I'm In No Rush To Pay Back My Student Loan

I've a student loan that well surpasses £25,000 and yet I'm not planning on paying a single penny of it back any earlier than I have to - and you should either!


Quick and EASY money saving tips you can implement TODAY! I did it and it made a... -

from One Beautiful Home

Paying off Debt Worksheets

"Paying off Debt Worksheets" - Going to use these to budget next semester... Tired of being broke student loan debt student loan debt payoff

Me: AYE paycheck hit! It's stunt time! Bills: Look! You got... loans rent light wifi water food gas cable cards YOU NAAAAAMMMEEE IT

Don't get "sozzled" every weekend. I know, I know! You want to party but why would you do that and waste money on alcohol when you could be saving it to pay off those student loans you have?

from The Penny Hoarder

How I Stopped Being Broke and Saved My First $1,000 (A Month-by-Month Guide)


Financial emergencies can meddle up one's routine sometimes. For large requirements of money, loans and insurances are already in the market as important tools. So are the house loans for large requirements of money for building a house.

from Levo League

10 Things Millennials Should Do to Get Rid of Student Loan Debt

In the US, college grads collectively owe trillions in student loan debt. Here are some ways to pay yours off fast. student loan debt student loan debt payoff #debt #studentloan

from Elite Daily

2 Crucial Lessons I Learned From 10 Years Of Being An Entrepreneur

For those of you who are aspiring to be out on your own this an idea that you need to embrace. Even if your passion is only a hobby, learn how you can monetize it. Even the simplest of ideas is enough for you to earn a little extra cash. And who knows, maybe it will turn out to be more than you expected.