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Just when I thought peacock feathers would go out of style they announce Emerald Green as the color of 2013!

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Hilarious. My mom had just mentioned this the night before regarding colors, and this is the first thing I see.

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You must have quite a few now.... I'm sure he would have gotten you some today. It's the little things that make you realize that someone cares.

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wonderous-world: Peacock by Jason Busch - It Is What It Is - Exclusive Tshirt For Pet Lovers - You can find more information at:

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Top 25 Wild Bird Photographs of the Week #50

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I love Peacocks...The Peacock can represent spring, birth, new growth, longevity, and love. It is a good omen, signaling prestige, success and contentment in relationships and careers. The peacock also holds religious meaning. It is an early Christian symbol for the resurrectresurrection of Christ.

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I have never heard of a Red peacock! He sure doesn't look as though he been photo-shopped either. Gorgeous!

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