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Paula Hitler

Paula Hitler was Adolf Hitler's sister. When Hitler came to power she changed her name to Wolf to protect herself. After the war she moved near the Eagle's Nest, Hitler's Lair and lived the rest of her life making and selling floral crafts. Always loyal she never accepted Hitler's part in the Holocaust. Former SS officers protected her from the legions who wanted to hurt her. She died in 1960.


Paula Hitler (January 21, 1896 - June 1, 1960) - Sister of German dictator Adolf Hitler (8 yrs. younger). Their parents had both died by the time she was 11. She worked as a secretary till being fired when employer learned she was Hitler's sister.


Paula Lebovics points to herself in a group photo taken the day that Auschwitz was freed by the Soviet army, 70 years later.


Adolf Hitler hated Jews and tried to take over the world. He would kill the Jews for no reason. He was one of the worst dictators of Germany ever.


Giraffe Couple by DragonsAndBeasties on deviantART


Paula Hitler, the younger sister of Adolf Hitler, 1945. After World War II, she was arrested and questioned by US intelligence officers. She died in 1960, was never married and had no children.

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Paula Hitler, younger sister of Adolf, arrested and interrogated by US intelligence officers, German, July 12, 1945.