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Fast and furious 7 tribute to Paul walker. It made me tear up when I watched this part

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Paul Walker Honored Before Surprise Furious 7 Screening

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Paul Walker resurrected with CGI and four body doubles for Fast & Furious 7

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Fast and Furious 7: Paul Walker's Bryan O'Conner Will Retire

Universal Pictures and director James Wan were faced with the uncomfortable decision of how to proceed in finishing the film. But in my opinion, there's only one option that makes sense. As hard as it may be to face, Brian O'Conner needs to die.

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Paul Walker's CGI to appear in the alast edition of Fast and Furious. Read full news at:

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Fast and Furious 7 to finish filming using Paul Walker body double and CGI

Paul Walker’s unfortunate death came as a huge shock to his family and his fans worldwide. The actor lost his life in 2013 due to a vehicle collision on his way back from an event. And now his 16-year old daughter Meadow Rain Walker has filed a law suit against the car company Porsche.

How Furious 7 used Digital Paul Walker Body Doubles and CGI with other Hollywood Movies which used the same trick

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