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Ant-Man (2015)

Ant-Man - one of the best super hero movies. Wonderful!!! Powerful redemptive story. Paul Rudd is perfect. Evangeline Lily, Michael Douglas, amazing. Must See!!

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I am Paul Rudd<<< may I just point out that the actors are basically their characters?

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And Chris, Seb, and Anthony look like the kids who know they did something wrong and are just hanging their heads in shame

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Ant-Man (2015)

Ant-man (2015) saw this movie last night (072715) and it was great. One of the best. Highly recommend if you want to watch something exciting

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In which this was the point in the movie where we all said, "Yep I'm gonna love this"

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Paul Rudd - Antman

Paul Rudd’s Son Sums Up Everyone’s Feelings

Paul Rudd's Son Sums Up Everyone's Feelings <<< yep. I'm only going to watch it for the after credits scene.

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That scene was hilarious.<--this whole movie was hilarious. <-- haha so true :3

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Paul Rudd - Antman - Clueless

That one time where Scott Lang was literally every marvel fangirl everywhere. <<<I recently saw Paul Rudd speak at my university on being a part of Civil War and getting starstruck that he was in the same room as Chris Evans and RDJ.

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Snipers...I knew it!!<------ Oh no,Sebastian Stan admitted he is going to be in nine more Marvel Movies. No wonder he looks soooo guilty whenever an interviewer asks him about it.

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This film is so damn amazing!!! So much love for this film and Paul Rudd just makes this film

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Captain America: Civil War. Finding Nemo reference anyone? 'Are you my conscience?' 'Yeah we haven't spoken in a while, how are you?'<<< We even had an "Empire Strikes Back" part in this movie.

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Avengers Photos and Puns 3 - Frozen.

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