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So paul quit!:( Thanks for looking after our boys:( apparently he had a fall out with zayn but I dont know<<is that true<<Its true:(<< We'll miss you Paul!

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ASDFGHJKL!!!! AND PAUL IS UP THERE O MY GOSH HE WAS WITH HIM THE WHOLE TIME!!!!!!!!!HahahahahahHahahHahHahHahHahaAHahahHahAHahHahahHahahahahHah

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Paul Catherall Linocut The Cecil Higgins Art Gallery & Bedford Museum have a R100 & R101: Airships at Cardington exhibition - they commissioned an exclusive artwork from print maker Paul Catherall. Below.

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Paul, sorry for the fans that make your job even harder. I promise, some of us are sane. >>>>> like me!! Jk jk

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BAHAHAHAHA yes, if I got to a one direction concert I will make two signs Paul adopt me, and something to do with one direction.

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HAHAHAHA YOU TELL HIM PAUL niall horan, nialler, sandwich, one direction, 1D, Paul

9/27/14 on

Idk if this was true but wow...and wtf has Paul been lately am I totally out of the loop or......???