Patty Wetterling holds a photo of her son Jacob, who was abducted at age 11, more than 23 years ago.

Patty Wetterling Writes Emotional Birthday Letter To Son Jacob Who Went Missing Nearly 30 Years Ago

Patty Wetterling has spent the past 25 years raising awareness about missing and exploited children. I believe that somebody knows. It's time to quit protecting the bad guy, even if it is a family member. It's time to speak up for Jacob. Please tell me who took our son. If YOU are the abductor, it's time to tell. You can't feel good about this. Find some peace. Please write back.

Patty Wetterling says, "Everyone wants to know what they can do to help us. Say…

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Immensely moving. Shortly after learning about her son Jacob's last moments, Patty Wetterling spoke to the media

Patty Wetterling and the Jacob Wetterling Resource Center have released a new statement, sharing the ways people can best help the Wetterling family right now.

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PAYNESVILLE, Minn. — Jacob Wetterlings remains have been found 27 years after his abduction from St Joseph MN

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