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What you should know about dart manipulation

There are many pattern drafting techniques you can use to turn your slopers into flattering fashion, there is one technique you'll use over and over again.


Pattern Making: The Process Of How To Make Your Own Patterns

Pattern Making Basics - Learn How to Make Your Own Patterns - Part One - The Creative Curator


Patternmaking 101 : How Do I Start Making my Own Patterns?!

In my most recent Periscope, I showed you my pattern wall of pattern blocks that I use to design and draft my own clothing patterns. What’s a pattern block you ask? Let me show you. In todays post, I want to share with those of you interested in making your own patterns all that’s involved to get you started.


All About Sleeves | Sleeve designs can be a little bit intimidating. Drafting them is kind of a science on its own, and it’s hard to imagine what shape you need to start with if you have no prior experience with patterning them yourself; trial and error is usually inevitable, and if you don’t have the time to commit to it, it’ll probably never get done. That’s why we’re bringing this All About Sleeves post to you!


Darts on a bodice. More you can see in the album


Top 5 MUST HAVE pattern making tools

op 5 MUST HAVE tools and supplies to get started drafting patterns today!