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NFL Latest: Patriots Lose 2 Linebackers to Injury...: NFL Latest: Patriots Lose 2 Linebackers to Injury #GreenBayPackers… #GreenBayPackers

Win, lose or tie Patriots fan til I die.... I bleed absolute BLUE

Brady plays 1st half vs. Giants in tuneup; Patriots lose 17-9


New England Patriots - Patriots Nation

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Kendall Jenner Says She Was ‘Raised Better Than’ To Disrespect A Waitress, Forgets She Was Raised By Kris

Yep but all I talk about is how this girl did this and that girl did that but if it's an easy team I don't speak>>>same!

Win or Lose....Patriots Fan Til I Die

FOXBORO - They were probably just sick and tired of losing to the Patriots at Gillette Stadium, which they had done 13 of 14 times since the place opened in 2002.

Patriots lose Jimmy Garoppolo, now left with Jacoby Brissett - England Patriots Down to Rookie Jacoby Brissett as Jimmy Garoppolo Goes Down

I lose at FF so good job they do