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Pastor Greg Laurie

I am becoming ever more convinced that God is concerned with my faithfulness to Him, not my success, even in ministering for Him!


Pastor Greg Laurie "Harvest Christian Fellowship" Such an awesome quote. "Bitterness is an acid that destroys its own container". So true

Few people arise in the morning as hungry for God as they are for cereal or toast and eggs! As kingdom praying and its efficacy is entirely a matter of the innermost hearts being totally open and honest before God. It is a matter of what we are saying with our whole being, moving with resolute intent and clarity of mind into the flow of Gods action.

"Remember that WE GRIEVE HIM MOST when WE WILL NOT LET HIM POUR HIS LOVE upon us, but turn a sullen, unresponsive unbelief towards His pleading grace..." ~ Alexander MacLaren


So true... Hes word says that we must pray turn from our wicked ways then shall he heal our land.Land doesn't mean the physical land but the wickedness off mans heart.