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Heiko Ulbricht Image taken: May. 4, 2012 Location: Freital, Saxony, Germany Details: For tomorrow evening is the weather report very bad for Saxony. So I have ever directed my camera at the moon this evening.

From the weathermob app! Please download! It's free!

CRAY XT5 Jaguar and XK6m supercomputers analyze Global Environmental Intelligence ( GEI ), a shadowy job delegated only to the U.S. Air Force Weather Agency ( AFWA ) responsible for alerting U.S. decisionmakers and U.S. military commands when a 'seriously significant solar flare' is coming. Experts warn, 'without utilities for 1-week', for 2-yrs. to 10-yrs. we'll be thrown back into the Dark Ages. Report:

U.S. Air Force Weather Agency ( AFWA ) where less than fifty ( 50 ) people are designated to analyze the pulsebeat of doom and gloom calculated within a new strategic center for what global government national infrastructures expect, based on current Solar Maximum ( Cycle 24 ) sending a significant Solar Energetic Particle Event ( SEPE ) NASA says, "We all need to be concerned about." Report:

Coronal Mass Ejection ( CME ) solar flares from SECCHI displaying what's coming to Earth, plus National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration ( NOAA ) time and date solar flare Earth impact chart on Space Weather Alerts and Warnings Timeline ( SWAWT ). Report:


Jude Tank - Mint

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The Signal and the Noise--The founder of challenges myths about predictions in subjects ranging from the financial market and weather to sports and politics, profiling the world of prediction to explain how readers can distinguish true signals from hype, in a report that also reveals the sources and societal costs of wrongful predictions.


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New post from our Facebook page: Blue skies are back and it's wonderful to see Fethiye basking in the warm late October sunshine Sunny days are here #Fethiye #Marmaris #Icmeler