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Past Lives: 11 Signs Your Soul Has Reincarnated Many Times ->

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Symptoms of Awakening

Our Long term Memory is returning and with that we can tap into past life memories of ourselves. These are deep suppressed memories within our soul blueprint of who we are and were were within various lifetimes. Past life memories for some appear in flashbacks, visions, daydreams or glimpses into the past where we suddenly remember an instance as if we can feel the emotion we went through at the time. click to read more

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Crystals for Past Life Recall — Work with Petrified Wood, Amber, Apatite, or Phantom Quartz to enhance past life recall. Hold it in your hand or to your Third Eye during meditation with the intent of visiting a past life.

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We do not have to understand the how and why of our gifts from other states of existence. We need only allow our soul and intuition to guide it.

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Past life tarot spread deck and layout with questions and follow up questions. Full article can be found on

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QUANTUM INTUITION EXPLAINED. Everything is Energy. Energy connects everything. Energy carries information. The past, present & future all exist simultaneously. Therefore, as energetic beings, we have access to the past present &f future at any point in time via energy. IT ALL CONNECTS. #energy

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