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24 People Who Are Way More Passive-Aggressive Than You Are

This restaurant employee who got real about the smoking area: | 24 People Who Are Way More Passive Aggressive Than You Are


This image speaks for itself. This is an aspect that i would like to capture within my work.


Reminder of the obvious detrimental health to health implications of not only smoking , but more importantly ( passive smoking ) ie kids being subjected to smoke inhalation at so called home / home is where the cancer heightened risk is !! At least poor non smoking bar staff / entertainers etc are no longer subjected to this dirty filthy habit as obviously smoking has been virtually eradicated from public places (thank goodness ) The skull is a symbol of our mortality /reminds us life is…

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Smokers' children 'become addicted to nicotine through passive smoking'

Smokers' children 'become addicted to nicotine through passive smoking' | Daily…

Even if you do not consume cigarettes and take care of your health, just passive smoking, which means being in the company of smokers, will have a serious impact on your lungs. Therefore refine...


Self-made Success: UK’s Richest Women in Business

We have profiled 10 of the most successful women in business in the UK. Let’s celebrate the achievement of the women in business who are inspiring others to follow in their footsteps.

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Third hand smoke could be even MORE dangerous for children

The jab contains genes ‘programmed’ to make antibodies that neutralise nicotine before it reaches the brain, where it would normally trigger the pleasurable feelings that underlie addiction.