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You must feel so superior with your indirect messages. Cheers to you !


Passive aggressive/covert Narcissist who use indirect digs to get to you. They can't say it to your face, therefore have to use underhand tactics. They are also the most two faced people you'll ever met. They act ever so nice in front of others and to your face, but behind closed doors they wish for your downfall. They are bunch of haters who use their cowardly nature to their advantage. When you confront them they act the victim and accuse you of being the aggressor. It's never their…


Funny thing about passive aggressive people, they can smile and throw you under the bus, then get you to apologize for getting upset about it. My mom and I talk about mental health often.(she is a nurse so no surprise) Its fascinating learning the why behind other peoples behavior. Luckily we don't know many p/a people.

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Are you nice? Mean people do upset me, though. Mostly people who take advantage of others and are inhumane. Inconsiderate and stuck up people (people who believe that they are superior to others) can be pretty annoying too.


Dr. Jeanette Raymond's expert relationship tips on how to stand up to passive aggressive people.

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5 Ways to Deal with Passive-Aggressive People

Don’t let it get under your skin.


I´ve said it before,and I´ll say it again-strong women build each other up,not tear each other down.


He doesn't even know what he's done, except for getting angry for feeling like he's about to be let down again...

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17 Conversations No Passive-Aggressive Person Has Had

And, of course, the conversation where YOU apologize for being passive-aggressive, and then promise to work on it (and actually mean it). | 17 Conversations No Passive-Aggressive Person Has Had