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14 Times Russell Howard Nailed It

And finally, when news coverage following the Paris terrorism attacks referred to ISIS as “masterminding” it. | 14 Times Russell Howard Nailed It

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Cat pics go viral after Belgian police plead for no tweets on raids

this applies to my friend group perfectly. (if you couldn't guess, I'm one of the nutty kitties)

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Hero police dog shot dead during terrorists' last stand in Paris

Decorated: Seven-year-old police dog Diesel (pictured with her service medals in image identified by police officers at the scene) died during a firefight with suspected ISIS militants behind the Paris massacre

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A Brief History of the Early Modern Era

Liberty Leading the People, painting by Eugene Delacroix, 1830, oil on canvas, in Louvre, Paris, France

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Our weekend in Paris (during the terror attacks

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This is what a Charlie Hebdo cartoonist drew after the second

The pen is mightier than the sword, a Charlie Hebdo cartoonist has reminded the world in the aftermath of the second terror attack to hit Paris in less than a year.

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Paris terror attacks: The night of carnage in the French capital and its aftermath

Paris terror attacks an alarm bell for liberal, borderless Europe

France could be one step closer to a far-Right president, Marine Le Pen, after the deadly Islamic State attacks in the French capital

I believe this picture is relevant to the recent attack on Paris. Many people blame the Muslims for the attack when there is no proof that the terrorists are Muslim. Anyone can be a terrorist; Caucasian, African American, Christian, Catholic. It does not matter. A terrorist can be anyone.

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