"Paris, May 1968" - Date of the largest general strike in France's history to date which brought the economy to a virtual standstill. Photo by Marc Riboud | http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/May_1968_protests_in_France

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Model at Rick Owens Fashion Show in Paris Protests Angela Merkel #AngelaMerkel, #AngelaMerkel, #RickOwens

Barbara Kruger: It's all about me/ I mean you/ I mean me / A world of vanity

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While she wasn't full out raped it was still sexual assault. Oh yeah, and she was 19 while the actor was in his late 40s. She literally thought she couldn't protest.

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11/15 (Mark of the Beast Crisis ... and some will Not Have the Presence of God). Terrorism In Paris, Protests For Equality & Raising Minimum Wage, God De...

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