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Paris Nice Train

7 Nice Day Trips from Nice

Best day trips you can easily take from Nice, France - with modes of transport!

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Elegant 2 Pieces Evening Dresses,2

This is such the prom dress I would so we're this to my prom she is rocking this elegant white two piece!!

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OP: this sparked a feeling of independence, or love, of just going somewhere and taking a late bus or train home and, i don't know, it just makes me feel warm

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So what's the story here... a version of Hogwarts-Atlantis via Paris?? Michael Raaflaub - credit to:

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Interior of the Palace of Versailles, France

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western europe travel itinerary: Dublin->Glasgow->Edinburgh->Manchester->London->Amsterdam->Rotterdam->Brussels->Paris->Bordeaux->Zaragoza-> Madrid->Lisbon->Lagos->Sevilla->Malaga->Valencia->Barcelona->Toulouse->Marseille->Lyon->Geneva->Bern->Milan-> Genoa->Florence->Rome->Naples->Venice->Munich->Stuttgart->Frankfurt->Berlin->Hamburg->Copenhagen

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i really wanted to take a long train ride from madrid to paris. no one else wanted to go with me :(

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