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Single Mothers on a Budget #SingleMothers #Budget #Finance #Women #infographic single mom resources, single parenting

Single Mothers on a Budget #infographic

Single Mothers on a Budget #SingleMothers #Budget #Finance #Women #infographic single mom resources, single parenting

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25 Must-Follow Parenting Blogs

Parenting is hard. Period. There is no easy road. No one perfect way to parent. These tip parenting blogs make parenting just a tad easier and a lot more fun.

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100 frugal but fun Summer activities….

100 frugal but fun Summer activities to keep the kids occupied during the Summer holidays. We've done them all but the ones with the star next to them have a blog post about them over on my blog. You can click through to the post and then search for what you want using the search bar at the top of the page. Have fun

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Amazing Techniques to Teach Your Kids Perseverance

We all want our children to enjoy a hobby, learn new skills and make friends. But with so many activities and clubs out there, it can be difficult to select one or two that will hold your child’s interest for long enough for them to get to grips with it, develop a real enjoyment of it and also gain some real skill and ability in it!

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Tips For Being a Happy Stay-at-Home Mom

I am writing this article with Peppa Pig in the background next to a very content toddler who is having a good amount of carrot sticks and…

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Find out what you need to do to help your child use the law of attraction to attract the life they want.


A great use for stickers in every shoe! I'm doing this for my 3 year old. Though I might miss that "shoe on the wrong foot" look on her.