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the stages of writing... I've probably pinned this 5 million times but I think it's really important for people to know...

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Busy teacher forms

Stop your students rushing through their work and improve their work habits. Class management charts, forms, and notes at your fingertips! Great tool to use for parent-teacher conferences. paid

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Parent Teacher Conference Form! Checklist for students' strengths & areas for improvement. Open space to write in test results, grades, & ways for parents to help at home. This form would make Parent Teacher Conferences so much easier and save lots of time!!

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The New Year (Fun in First Grade)

Students bring to school interests in particular areas. School also offers the opportunity for students to realize new interests. Thus, highly effective teachers attend both to developing interests and as yet undiscovered interests in their students. (Tomlinson chapter 1, page 3) I like the idea of students telling me how they feel about different subjects. I hope that this information will help me to deepen students interests as well as help them discover new interests.

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