Black-veined White - Aporia Crataegi Butterfly. Picture from awesome site with beautiful nature pictures. Check this one out!

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Butterfly....sweet pic.... but why didnt the kitten sneeze? Check out the website to see more More

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I once looked after two of these moths since they were caterpillars. these great creatures are proof not all moths are gross

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It's enorm-moth! This newly-emerged atlas moth shows off its huge 30cm wingspan

Atlas Moth is the largest moth species (wing span of 30cm) in the world. Most commonly found in Southeast Asia, the moth is so named because its wing patterns are said to resemble maps. The moth's wing tips also appear to resemble a snake's head, which may be a tactic to scare off predators. Despite its grandeur, it will only live about a week. by Amy Oliver, #Atlas_Moth

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